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This abandoned tuberculosis hospital right down the street from my house has some of the most interesting and beautiful graffiti I’ve seen, I’m sad for not getting more pictures. It closed in the early ’80s, and some of the lockers still had patients’ rusted hangers in them. Supposedly one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts, although I didn’t experience anything (which was super disappointing). There’s three huge buildings and every time you turned around there was a new stairwell. I could’ve stayed for hours.

i want to go to there

Say hi to the fucking winchesters for me


you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen, and no i’m not saying that because we’re right next to McDonald’s and i’m out of money


me trying to participate in sports


JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRL LIVING INside her bedroom on the internet

Please, I want so badly for the good things to happen.
Sylvia Plath, 3 months before her suicide. (via sharingneedles)

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its weird how different your life could be if people found you more or less attractive

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